Network Access Quantities

The Network Access Quantities (NAQ) framework, which accounts for constrained network access, was implemented for the first time for the 2022 Reserve Capacity Cycle as part of the ongoing WEM Reform program.   

The outcomes of the NAQ model have been used to assign Capacity Credits for the 2022 and 2023 Reserve Capacity Cycles.

The NAQ model is run after Certified Reserve Capacity (CRC) assignments and completion of the trade declaration process. It considers the amount of available network capacity, taking network constraints into account, and allocates NAQ to Facilities up to their respective assigned CRC amounts. 

The steps used to assign NAQ is described in the Network Access Quantity Model WEM Procedure.

The Constraint Equations form part of the model inputs and is available here Constraints Library

Under clause 4.15.16 of the WEM Rules, AEMO is required to publish the inputs and outputs of the NAQ model. The relevant information for the 2022 and 2023 Cycle is contained in the documents below:

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