Victorian transmission network service provider role

AEMO is responsible for the planning of the Victorian transmission network. AEMO works closely with infrastructure investors and customers to make decisions on when and where new transmission network infrastructure should be built. Assessments are based on an economic business case where benefits must exceed development costs.

Where AEMO assesses that network or non-network development is needed, augmentation projects may be competitively tendered.

AEMO has updated the Victorian electricity planning criteria in response to changes in demand growth and the estimated Value of Customer Reliability. The planning criteria now allows for the use of five minute short-term ratings as a long-term solution to manage thermal overloads on critical transmission lines in Victoria.

The Victorian Planning Criteria Change Fact Sheet gives an overview of what a short-term rating is, reasons for the change, who will be impacted, and the factors that AEMO will consider in the planning process. 

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