Retail Transfer Statistical Data

Every month AEMO publishes the numbers of retail transfers registered in the MSATS system. 

Prior to the start of Full Retail Competition (FRC) AEMO (previously NEMMCO) regularly posted data on its web site that contained statistics on retail transfers. These statistics were based on data taken from NEMMCO’s Metering Administration System (MAS). MAS was replaced on 13 January 2002 by MSATS (AEMO’s Market Settlement and Transfer Solution), the new system developed to support FRC. 

In line with previous data publications, following consultations with Jurisdictions, Participants and Service Providers, AEMO publish improved retail transfers statistics as registered in MSATS. 

The retail transfers data that is published, is defined in:

A transfer is defined as a change in Financially Responsible Market Participant (FRMP) where the previous FRMP belongs to a different company or corporation (CompanyID - where participants have requested multiple Participant IDs be grouped together). Therefore, transfers between different Participant IDs of the same organisation are not measured (included).

Please note that as a result:

  1. the statistics may not reflect all consumer transactions taking place in MSATS
  2. the definition of Company ID and Participant ID may still not completely reflect the accurate ownership structure due to different ACNs used by an organisation.
  3. the numbers of transferred consumers reported in these statistics represent the number of completed change requests in MSATS for a change of retailer or to create a new second tier connection point.

For further information, please contact the AEMO Information and Support Hub.

Retail Transfer Statistical Data Specifications

Every month AEMO publishes the numbers of retail transfers in the MSATS system. The specification document has been updated to reflect changes effective from 1st April 2011

The data will be published on AEMO’s web site in the Market Data section: Retail Transfer Statistical Data.

For further information on this document, please contact AEMO's Information and Support Hub.

Retail Transfer Data Files

For information prior to January 2009 please contact AEMO's Information & Support Hub.

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