Load Profiles

In those jurisdictions where the NEM metrology procedure permit the use of consumption meters [type 6 metering installations] there is a requirement to calculate a Net System Load profile (NSLP) for each of the distribution network areas and, in some cases, a Controlled Load profile (CLP).

The NEM metrology procedure define a requirement for calculation of an NSLP for Victoria, NSW, ACT, SA, QLD and TAS and a CLP for each network area in NSW and SA and two CLPs for the Energex distribution area.

MSATS calculates these profiles for every settlement aggregation run. The NSLPs are frozen on a weekly basis, approximately 15 weeks after the settlement week, and the NSLPs and the CLPs are subsequently published on this web page one week at a time. The profiles for SA start from 1st January 2003, for ACT from 19th June 2003, QLD from 5th June 2007 and TAS from 1st July 2011.

The document below provides some additional explanatory material.

This version updated to include changes to Metrology references clauses 3.3, appendix A to E and section 8.

For further information regarding this document, please contact AEMO's Information and Support Hub.

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