Settlement Residue Auction

Data is provided in comma delimited flat file format to enable access to a range of market data. Recent files are stored in a directory for current reports, and older files are moved into the archive reports directory. Prices quoted in these files are exclusive of GST.

File names include date and time stamps and a unique identifier to differentiate the files: eg. PUBLIC_DISPATCHIS_200511081245_0000000068650088.ZIP

This file provides data from Settlements Residue Auctions. Files are produced twice weekly in conjunction with the preliminary and final settlements statements (see Rules Clauses 3.15.14 and 3.15.15). Preliminary files are overwritten by finals. Data covers: 

total auction units, total surplus, distributed surplus, auction fees, net payment, net payment per unit, accumulated net payment, and accumulated net payment by unit. 

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