Generation and Load

Data is provided in comma delimited flat file format to enable access to a range of market data. Recent files are stored in a directory for current reports, and older files are moved into the archive reports directory.

Actual Generation and Load Data

Actual generation and load data - filename: public_dispatchSCADA_*.csv 

This file contains actual generation data for each scheduled generation unit, semi-scheduled generation unit, and non-scheduled generating units or non-scheduled generating systems (a non-scheduled generating system comprising non-scheduled generating units). This file also contains actual load for each scheduled load. The actual generation and load data in the file is reported under a column headed 'SCADAVALUE'. (Please see note)

Non-Scheduled Generation Data

Non-Scheduled Generation Data - filename: public_next_day_actual_gen_*.csv

The metered power outputs from most large non-scheduled generating units and generating systems are provided to AEMO in real time to assist in maintaining the security of the power system. Under Clause 3.13.4(r) of the National Electricity Rules AEMO is also required to publish such data to Registered Participants, in a daily file covering all intervals of the previous trading day.

The output values in these files are sampled from SCADA at 5-minute intervals and reported under the column headed 'MWH_READING'. Note that these figures should be read as instantaneous power in MW rather than MWh. They may be used to estimate energy production, but are not the same as the half-hourly energy metering results used to determine market settlements. (Please see note)

The below link contains the correct data for non-scheduled generator, Woolnorth between 11/3/2013 to 17/7/2013 1735 hrs.

Operational Demand 

Operational demand data is provided here.

Historical Demand

AEMO plans to discontinue the publication of this data from 1 July 2015.

Historical Demand in a region is Scheduled Demand less demand of local scheduled loads. In other words, it is the demand that is met by local scheduled generating units, semi-scheduled generating units, and by generation imports to the region, excluding the demand met by non-scheduled generating units, exempt generation, and demand of local scheduled loads. The exceptions are Yarwun, Angaston, and Port Stanvac, which are included.

Note that Historical Demand differs from Operational Demand in that significant non-scheduled intermittent generating units in the region are not included in the Historical Demand calculation.

Historical Demand - filename: public_histdemand_*.csv

This file contains historical demand information (4 second SCADA demand average over half hour interval), by region for each half-hourly interval for that calendar day.

These files reflect data that are available at the time of publication.


This data is provided for information only and is not intended for commercial use. AEMO does not guarantee the accuracy of the data or its availability at all times.

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