About the DER Register

Introducing Australia's world-first DER Register

Australia’s DER Register launched on 1 March 2020. The DER Register is a database of information about DER devices installed in the NEM that is foundational to AEMO’s Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Program.

The visibility of installed DER devices allows AEMO to better manage the electricity grid and ensure reliable, secure and affordable energy for all Australians. 

The DER Register stores information about a DER device installed on-site at a residential or business location. This information will be requested by Network Services Providers (or network operators) from qualified electrical contractors and solar installers at the time of the DER installation.

DER Register Reporting – Data Dashboard

Under the National Electricity Rules, AEMO has an obligation to report on the number and installed capacity of DER devices installed across the NEM. 

This information is available here.

This information  provides insight into the number of DER devices by region - to a postcode level, where data meets the requirements of AEMO’s privacy policy and the requirements set out in the National Electricity Rules. 

Please email any questions relating to the DER Register data to: SupportHub@aemo.com.au

Following the launch of the WEM DER Register, DER data from the SWIS will also be made publicly available.  When combined with NEM DER data, these reports will provide the first national view of DER devices installed across Australia.

Please use Google Chrome to ensure compatibility with the DER Register Installer Portal.

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