DER Data downloads

Data files

The current reporting date is 30 June 2024. This applies to both the CSV download file and the DER Register Data Dashboard.

A CSV file is available for download. This file contains all submitted DER Register Information aggregated down to Post Code level.

  • To satisfy the privacy requirements specified in the DER Register Information Guidelines all post codes with fewer than 10 connections have been removed. The CSV file includes an aggregate of these removed sites aggregated as a State level.
  • The NMI classification of Business/Residential is taken from the NECF classification as defined in the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF). This is only applicable in the NEM. WA sites are denoted as “NoClassification”. NEM site that have not been classified have a value of “NULL”
  • On the DER Register Data Dashboard, WEM sites have a classification of “OTHER” for Business/Residential

For Western Australia, a specific WA DER Data download dashboard has been created. Previous DER Data download files inclusive of WA remain on this page for historical reference purposes.

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