Retailer information

For energy, all requests for data from an Accredited Data Recipient are sent to the consumer’s retailer.  Retailers are responsible for authenticating consumers and managing consumer consent for sharing of their data. 

Where a request is sent to a retailer for data held by AEMO, retailers will request data from AEMO in order to fulfill the data request.  Only a registered retailer can request data from AEMO.

All requests for Consumer Data are sent via APIs. 

API requests

In accordance with the Consumer Data Standards, AEMO has implemented eight new APIs specifically for Consumer Data Right:

Status and Outages APIs 

  • Get Status – health check status for AEMO’s implementation 
  • Get Outages – obtain a list of scheduled outages for AEMO’s implementation 
  • API specifications can be found on AEMO’s API Developers Portal
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