Consumer Data Right for Consumers

Key information for Consumers regarding Consumer Data Right can be found here:

Key Points

Under CDR, AEMO’s role is that of secondary data provider, so we cannot provide data to you directly.  All CDR data requests must be through an Accredited Data Recipient (ADR).  Check the links above for more consumer information or About Consumer Data Right for more information on AEMO’s role and how the CDR data sharing model works.

It is important to note that information which relates to everyone’s energy usage is already held by AEMO and is used for our primary business purpose of determining overall consumer energy demand, ensuring that enough energy supply is generated to meet that demand and apportioning supply charges to retailers for the energy that their consumers use.  To do this AEMO does not need to hold information about you as an individual, only the energy usage at a service point. 

Under the CDR legislation rules and standards, AEMO can only share CDR data with your retailer following their legitimate CDR request, which in turn only occurs following your express authorisation of your retailer to share that data with the Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) who is providing a service which you have requested.

Data quality issues – The data we provide your ADR is provided to us by energy industry participants (your retailer, distributor and meter data readers).  Any issues that arise over data quality should be taken up with your retailer in the first instance.

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