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The Operational Transportation Service Code Panel (the Panel) supports the Pipeline Capacity Trading market by consulting on and proposing changes to the Operational Transportation Service Code (the Code). The Code is a regulatory framework which enables a standard set of terms and conditions for the transportation of secondary gas capacity.

Call for OTS Code Panel nominations

On Tuesday 26 October 2021, AEMO vacated all roles on the OTS Code Panel and opened nominations for the following positions:

  • two Transportation Service Provider Members
  • one Transportation Facility User (General) Member
  • one Transportation Facility User (Large Users) Member

Since vacating the roles, AEMO has accepted a nomination from APA for the role of Transportation Service Provider Member. The Transportation Facility User Member roles and the second Transportation Service Provider Member roles are still vacant.

As outlined in the Procedures, nominations for each role must be made using the nomination form and submitted to otscodepanel@aemo.com.au.
For further information, please see section 2 of the Election Procedures and Operating Manual.

Panel meetings

The OTS Code Panel meets twice a year to discuss Code amendment proposals. Meetings are currently held by circular unless an issue is raised to be addressed by the Panel.

Stakeholders who want to identify a prospective change to the OTS Code should submit an amendment proposal to otscodepanel@aemo.com.au using the template below. 


As outlined in NGR 606 and the Procedures, the OTS Code Panel must consist of:

  • two persons nominated and elected as members by transportation service providers who are registered with AEMO as facility operators to represent transportation service providers;
  • two persons nominated and elected as members by transportation facility users who are also Registered participants or gas trading exchange members, one of whom must be appointed to represent transportation facility users generally and one of whom must be appointed to represent large users of natural gas;
  • one person appointed as a member by AEMO to represent AEMO

In this case, "transportation service providers" and "transportation facility users" refer to those registered as such in the Pipeline Capacity Trading market. 

Nominees and Members must represent Registered Participants. Members must meet the criteria outlined in NGR 607 (4) and 608. AEMO has defined a "large user" as one with a daily throughput of more than 10 TJ.

Panel members

All nominated representative positions were vacated as of 26 October 2021.

As outlined in the Procedures, nominations for each role on the Panel must be made using the nomination form and submitted to otscodepanel@aemo.com.au

The details of panel members are available in the table below:

 Member name


 Member category

 Gavin Neale


 Transportation service provider representative

 Hugh Ridgway


 AEMO representative

Nominated representatives

As outlined in the Procedures, Market Participants may nominate an individual to represent their organisation. Nominated Representatives will act as a point of contact between AEMO and their company as an authorised delegate. Only Nominated Representatives can be nominated to be Members of the Panel and vote to elect Members within their Voter Category.

Election procedures and operating manual

The Operational Transportation Service Code Election Procedures and Operating Manual (the Procedures) describes the activities that Panel members are required to perform to assess and consult on Code amendment proposals in accordance with Rule 600 of the National Gas Rules. In addition, the Procedures also outline the processes by which AEMO must use to call for preliminary and ongoing nominations for Panel members, the process by which votes will be counted, and administrative requirements of the Panel.

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