aseXML Schema Releases

aseXML schema versions are released as part of a managed release process.

The process involves:

  •   Submission of a Schema Change Proposal to the ASWG
  •   Review of the proposal and development of a draft schema
  •   Approval of the Draft Schema by the ASWG
  •   Release of the Draft Schema for review and testing
  •   Modification and re-release of the Draft Schema as required
  •   Approval of the Final Schema by the ASWG and AEMO
  •   Release and publishing of the Final Schema

The process is an eight week cycle with defined milestones. The current milestones are:

 Schema Version  Date for CR Submission   Draft Schema Release   Final Schema Release

Note: The dates shown above are proposed ASWG meeting dates where schema changes will be considered. All documentation, change requests and drafts must be presented to the ASWG chairman for distribution at least two working days prior to these dates. Failure to present documents in time may delay the consideration of your changes.

Schema Changes are initiated and progressed using the aseXML Change Process. The Change Process document and Change Request templates are available as follows:

Draft Change Requests and other ASWG documentation is available in the ASWG website.

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