2026 ISP Consumer Panel

The role of the ISP Consumer Panel is to bring a consumer-focused perspective to the ISP development process. AEMO will engage with the ISP Consumer Panel on a continuous and ongoing basis, seeking advice and input on matters of both substance and process. Such engagement supports the Panel’s timely consideration of issues and feedback to AEMO, allowing for AEMO’s approach to be adjusted where appropriate.

The ISP Consumer Panel forms a core element of stakeholder engagement for the ISP. Insights from the Panel play a crucial role in bringing an energy consumer perspective to planning as AEMO develops the 2026 ISP.

As part of its work, the ISP Consumer Panel will provide two reports to AEMO, as required by the National Electricity Rules. These reports will provide an assessment of the evidence and reasons supporting AEMO’s conclusions in the IASR and Draft ISP, having regard to the long-term interests of consumers.

2026 ISP Consumer Panel members

Mark Henley (Chair)

Mark Henley has worked with people from disadvantaged communities for over 40 years and has been a strong advocate for vulnerable people, including as CEO of SACOSS, Vice President of Youth Affairs Council of Australia and for the last 2 decade for Uniting Communities in South Australia. Mark was drawn into energy debates when the SA Government decided to move to “full retail contestability” and subsequently when electricity prices for consumers jumped dramatically.

Mark is an inaugural member of the Energy Consumers Roundtable and is a member of the AER’s Consumer Challenge Panel and Consumer Consultative Group. Other current involvements include Board membership of EWOSA (Energy and Water Ombudsman) and SA Financial Counselling Association as well as being a member to the Economics Society of Australia Central Council, as SA Branch President.

Beverley Hughson

Beverley has over 30 years of experience in the Australian energy industry including significant participation in regulatory processes over the last 12 years on behalf of both large and small consumers. This participation is underpinned by an academic background in social psychology, business management and commercial law. She has the experience and ability to work constructively with regulators, consumer representatives and a wide range of end-consumers to achieve outcomes consistent with the long-term interests of consumers. After leaving the private energy sector, Bev was appointed to the AER's initial and second Consumer Challenge Panels, and in 2020 she joined the AER's Rate of Return Consumer Reference Group becoming chair of the Group in 2021. She has also contributed to the AEMC Transmission Planning and Investment Review Consumer Reference Group.

Dr Jarra Hicks

Jarra is a proficient advocate and collaborator working with consumers, communities and organisations to empower them as active participants in a renewable powered energy system. She is a founding Director of Community Power Agency, a not-for-profit that works to foster a fair and fast transition to renewable energy that involves and benefits everyday Australians. Jarra also has a background in academia, where her PhD focused on the outcomes of energy change in small regional communities.

In her 15 years working in the energy sector Jarra has: worked with communities on community-owned renewable energy and energy efficiency projects; supported households to understand and take up energy solutions; and advocated for market and policy reforms to increase participation, fairness and benefit to small and medium consumers. She has also worked with industry and government to improve the social performance of utility renewable energy projects and policies, with a focus on social licence, community engagement, benefit sharing and local procurement.

Craig Memery

Craig Memery is an energy consumer and community advocate with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre’s Energy and Water Consumer Advocacy Program. He is also a Board member at Energy and Water Ombudsman of NSW, Co-chair of the NSW Renewable Energy Sector Board, a member of the AEMC’s Reliability Panel, and sits on a number of other advisory and representative committees.

Since joining the energy sector in 2002, Craig has: managed demand- and supply-side energy projects; provided economic, technical and policy advice to government, community and private sectors; designed and delivered energy and sustainability training programs; engaged widely with consumers, communities, industry and market institutions; and provided thought leadership both on long standing and emerging challenges in the sector.

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