STTM Prudential Dashboard

The Short Term Trading Market (STTM) Prudential Dashboard supports STTM trading participants to make informed prudential management decisions by providing useful information about their accrued financial position with AEMO. The dashboard is updated after each successful prudential run, providing an up-to-date snapshot of prudential information.

The Guide to STTM Prudential Dashboard provides assistance with using the dashboard interface and describes each component located on the dashboard.

Guide to STTM Prudential Dashboard
29 Oct 2012 | filesize: 2.95 MB (.pdf)

STTM Trading Limit Methodology

This document outlines the methodology whereby AEMO determines a Trading Participant's Trading Limit based upon their security provided. This is published in accordance with Rule 483(3)(b).

STTM Trading Limit Methodology
23 Jul 2010 | filename: 1130-0349.pdf

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