Entry and Exit Capacity Certificates

Entry and Exit Capacity Certificates

Entry and Exit Capacity Certificates replaced Transportation Rights previously represented by authorised maximum daily quantity (AMDQ) regime in the DWGM on 1 January 2023. Capacity Certificates can be purchased via the Capacity Certificates Auction or traded via bilateral contracts between participants via the Capacity Certificate Transfer functionality.

Capacity certificates auction

Participation in the capacity certificates auction is restricted to market participants. Certificates will be auctioned at least twice a year, in blocks of monthly certificates that can be bid for as a single month or as a linked bid for multiple months. The auction takes place in one round with a reserve price of zero and must be conducted on a sealed bid, pay as cleared basis. All winners of a particular auction product pay the same clearing price per gigajoule (GJ) for that auction product.

Capacity Certificates Transfer

Market Participants, after obtaining Capacity Certificate via the Auction, may choose to sell the Capacity Certificates via bilateral contracts. AEMO facilitates the trading of capacity certificates between participants through the Capacity Certificate Transfer process.

Capacity Certificates Zone Register

Under Rule NGR327B(1), AEMO must determine and may amend the allocation of system injection points or system withdrawal points (as the case may be) in the declared transmission system to capacity certificates zones.

Capacity Certificates Listing Service

In accordance with Clause 11 of the Wholesale Market Capacity Certificates Auction and Transfer Procedures, registered market participants can use the form below to advertise the purchase or sale of Capacity Certificates.

All current listings will be published below.

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