Market Advisories

Market advisories play an important role in alerting participants to issues in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM). This page provides an overview of when the alerts are published, and what information is contained in the notification.

Information about WEM Systems (WEMS) releases is provided on the IT change and release management page.

Market Advisories

AEMO must inform Rule Participants and the public of impending or current situations that could affect Power System Security or Power System Reliability, including expected suspension of the Real-Time Market. AEMO does this by issuing Market Advisories under clause 7.11.5 of the WEM Rules, and when the Operating State of the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) is expected to, or has, changed.

Market Participants, Network Operators and the Economic Regulation Authority are obliged to keep AEMO informed of any circumstances they become aware of that may require a Market Advisory.

The advisory

A Market Advisory includes a statement of the Operating State during the period to which the Market Advisory relates. It includes information on how Market Participants and the Network Operator should respond to the situation.

The WEM Rules recognise that sometimes AEMO has to react so quickly to a situation that it is not able to issue a Market Advisory until after the event.

Market advisories can be downloaded from the Market Data site.

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