Procedure Change- PPCL0021

  • Type: Standard Procedure Change Process
  • Submitter: System Management
  • Title: Replaced PSOPs: Competitive Balancing and Load Following Market 1
  • Date Submitted: 04 January 2012
  • Current Status: The amending PSOPs commenced on 1 July 2012.
Event Date Comments
Procedure Change Proposal published 06/01/2012  
Submission period 06/01/2012 - 06/02/2012 The submission period is 20 Business Days from the date the IMO published the notification.
Further consultation period 19/03/2012 - 29/03/2012 The IMO is providing interested parties with a further consultation period in accordance with the Notice published on 19 March 2012.
Procedure Change Report published 14/06/2012 (Part A) 19/06/2012 (Part B) The Procedure Change Report for Part A addressing the Communications and Control PSOP was published on 14 June. The Procedure Change Report for Part B which addresses the Dispatch PSOP was published on 19 June 2012.
The IMO's decision published 19/06/2012 (Part A) 22/06/2012 (Part B) The IMO must publish its decision on the Procedure Change Report within 10 Business Days of publishing the report.
Replacement Procedures commence Balancing Market Commencement Day  

Documents related to this Procedure Change Proposal

Part A

Part B

Submissions received during Public Consultation Process

Submissions recieved during Further Consultation Process

Alinta [43kB]

IMO [141kB]

Synergy [80kB]

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