WA Gas Retail Market Changes (IN002/18W IN003/18W IN004/18W and IN005/18W)

Market WA Retail
StageERA Application
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close08/01/2019

Submission to AEMO on the final Impact and Implementation Reports (IIR) for the following four scheme amendments have closed with no objections being received. 

  • IN002/18W – Minor Change to Clause 323A
  • IN003/18W – Address Attributes
  • IN004/18W – Complete MIRN Listing
  • IN005/18W - Notification of Error by Previous User

In accordance with clause 384(5) of the RMP WA for (IN002/18W and IN005/18W) and clause 383(4) of the RMP WA for (IN003/18W and IN004/18W), AEMO has decided to submit the four endorsed procedure changes to Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) for approval. Under the same clauses, AEMO is required to provide a copy of the submission which is listed below.

How to make a Submission to ERA:

Submissions on AEMO’s application to the ERA for the four scheme amendments close Tuesday 8 January 2019. Submissions should be lodged online using the form on the ERA website - www.erawa.com.au/consultation.

For further information contact:
General Enquiries: Natalie Robins, telephone 08 6557 7985 or e-mail: info@erawa.com.au
Media Enquiries: Natalie Warnock, telephone 08 6557 7933 or e-mail: media@erawa.com.au

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