SAPS Retail Procedures - Error Corrections and Clarifications

Market National Electricity Market
StageDiscussion Paper
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No

The publication of this final report concludes the expedited consultation procedure conducted by AEMO to make the changes to the Retail Procedures under the National Electricity Rules (NER).

AEMO thanks all stakeholders for their feedback on the Proposal. 

Participant feedback

The publication of this draft report commences the expedited consultation conducted by AEMO to change the Retail Procedures as follows.

  •  Change the MSATS Procedure – MDM Procedure v 4.31 to:
    o Create a new report (RM51) to satisfy the requirement of the SAPS rule to provide SAPS Generators with the data AEMO used to calculate their share of the generation on a SAPS. The participants at the NEM Implementation Forum supported the creation of the RM51 report.
    o Clarify the descriptions for the RM43 and RM46 reports, without changing the meaning of the descriptions, or changing the underlying reports.
  •  Republish the Service Level Procedure Metering Provider Services as version 1.6 (instead of version 1.5) and correct the version table to indicate version 1.6 (instead of version 1.5).
  •  Amend the Service Level Procedure Metering Data Provider Services to reflect the preferred option to resolve the conversion of non-5-minute metering data as set out in AEMO’s Final Report.

AEMO proposes to amend the Retail Procedures with the proposed effective date of 30 May 2023

AEMO invites written submissions from interested persons on the Proposal in this draft report, to, by 5:00pm (Sydney time) on 27 April 2023.

If any person considers that AEMO should instead follow the standard consultation procedure, the person can submit a procedure change request to AEMO within 10 business days after publication of this draft report. A request must be sent to by 5:00pm (Sydney time) on 10 April 2023

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