Project Summer - Summary of Notice for a Funded Augmentation

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StageDiscussion Paper
ConvenorAEMO NSP
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Submissions close08/05/2024

The Summerfield battery energy storage (BESS) Project (the Project) is an important initiative in the context of the energy transition in South Australia. The Project is being undertaken by Copenhagen Infrastructure V SCSp (CI V) and involves the connection of a new BESS to ElectraNet’s transmission network.

ElectraNet’s Project Summer is the proposed augmentation works to enable the connection of the Summerfield BESS to ElectraNet’s transmission network1. As the proposed augmentation works will be funded by CI V this project is proposed to be classified as a funded augmentation under the National Electricity Rules (NER)2.

The NER requires that the party undertaking the funded augmentation work makes available to all Registered Participants and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) a notice which sets out:

  • a detailed description of the proposed funded augmentation;
  • all relevant technical details concerning the proposed funded augmentation;
  • the impact of the funded augmentation on the relevant transmission network's Transmission Network Users;
  • the construction timetable and commissioning date for the funded augmentation; and
  • an explanation that the funded augmentation would not result in a material change in power transfer capability between South Australia and neighbouring transmission networks.

ElectraNet has prepared a notice in relation to Project Summer in accordance with the above requirements. This document provides a summary of that Notice and is provided to AEMO in accordance with clause 5.18(c) of the NER.

Description of the technical details of the funded augmentation

The proposed funded augmentation works, referred to as Project Summer, involves augmenting the 275 kV transmission line between Tungkillo and Tailem Bend substations to:

  • populate a diameter at Tungkillo substation, and
  • string the vacant side of the 275 kV towers between Tungkillo and the Tepko.

This funded augmentation work is required to enable the connection of the Project to ElectraNet’s network. The Project involves a new BESS and:

  • will provide a total capacity of 240 MW, split into two 120 MW, 240 MWh connections at Tepko, South Australia which is about 60km east of Adelaide; and
  • is strategically positioned on the proposed 275 kV South East transmission line expansion, which will bring in new renewable generation from the South East Renewable Energy Zone (REZ).

The Project will be owned and operated by CI V. ElectraNet has assessed that the funded augmentation work will not have a material inter-network impact.

Consultation process and timeframes

ElectraNet welcomes written submissions on the matters set out in the Notice by 8 May 2024.

Submissions should be emailed to

Submissions will be published unless a proponent marks their submission (or part of it) as confidential at the time of the submission. The table below shows the indicative consultation process and timeframes.

Paper Date
Publication of Notice (Consultation paper)
4 April 2024
Closing date for submissions
8 May 2024
Draft Report mid-May 2024
Final Report July 2024

1 Copenhagen Infrastructure V SCSp, a Danish energy company, will own and operate the BESS.
2 As defined in Chapter 10 of the NER.
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