MSATS Procedures v3.9 Consultation

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close20/12/2013

Notice of Consultation: MSATS Procedures

AEMO has completed the consultation on the Market Settlement and Transfer Solution (MSATS) Procedures version 3.9

  • Consumer Administration and Transfer Solution (CATS) Procedure Principles and Obligations Version 3.9 and
  • Procedure for the Management of Wholesale, Interconnector, Generator and Sample (WIGS) NMIs Version 3.9.

The scope of consultation relates to QC 853 MSATS Change for Tasmanian Full Retail Contestability (FRC).

On 26 September 2013, the Tasmanian Government announced that it was suspending the sale of Aurora Energy’s retail business. In the Draft Determination, AEMO proposed not to make the changes resulting from QC853 and other minor matters relating to this consultation. 

No submissions were received in response to the Draft Determination consultation, which has now closed.

AEMO’s Final Determination is not to amend the MSATS Procedures as a result of this consultation. The Final Determination can be viewed below.

Final Determination

MSATS Procedures V3.9 Change Pack – Final Determination
20 December 2012 | filesize: 62.1 kb (.pdf)

Draft Determination

Notice of Consultation – MSATS Procedures v3.9
21 October 2013 | filesize: 32.1 kb (.pdf) 
MSATS Procedures – V3.9 – Draft Determination Change Pack v1.00
21 October 2013 | filesize: 32.1 kb (.pdf)

Initial Stage Consultation

MSATS Procedures - V3.9 Change Pack - Initial Determination - v1.00
16 August 2013 | filesize: 482 kb (.pdf)
MSATS Procedures - CATS V3.9 Initial Determination (Change Marked) - v1.00
16 August 2013 | filesize: 4.28 mb (.pdf)
MSATS Procedures - WIGS V3.9 Initial Determination (Change Marked) - v1.00
16 August 2013 | filesize: 1.93 mb (.pdf)

Notice of First Stage Consultation MSATS Procedures v3.9 v1.00
16 August 2013 | filesize: 144 kb (.pdf)

MSATS Procedures v3.9 Participant Response Pack Template v1.00
16 August 2013 | filesize: 250 kb (.pdf)

Initial Stage Consultation Participant Responses

Participant Response Pack Energex 
25 September 2013 | filesize: 407 KB (.pdf)
Participant Response Pack Origin Energy  
25 September 2013 | filesize: 462 KB (.pdf)
Participant Response Pack Lumo Energy
25 September 2013 | filesize: 402 KB (.pdf)
Participant Response Pack Energy Australia
25 September 2013 | filesize: 505 KB (.pdf)
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