IN008 13 Notification Period for New GBO ids and Hub IDs

Market VIC Retail
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?No

AEMO uncovered an anomaly between AEMO’s internal system specifications and the Retail Market Procedures (Procedures). The anomaly found is around the timing in which a Customer Transfer (CATS transfer) is completed.

AEMO previously (and currently) allowed the customer data provision window to expire before the completion of a CATS transfer. Historically, this methodology was applied to allow 5 business days after the proposed transfer date AEMO to receive meter reading from a special read for the proposed transfer date. In doing so, the CATS transfer can complete on a special read rather than a scheduled reading (if available) within the allowable period. This is pictorially represented in Attachment A.

AEMO proposes to change the Retail Market Procedures (RMP) to make it clear that transfers, irrespective of being a move-in or in situ, to wait for the allowable period to complete before completing the CATS transfer.

Proposed Procedure Change(PPC) - ProspectiveCATS transfer review
01Aug 2012 |187 kb (.pdf)

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