IN001/20 (Gas Weather Station Information)

Market NSW and ACT Retail, VIC Retail
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?Yes
Submissions close07/08/2020

IN001/20 (Remove Specific Weather Observation Locations From Retail Market Procedures in Victoria and NSW/ACT)

Having completed a consultation process with participants in mid-2019, AEMO approved changes to Retail Market Procedures (RMP) South Australia (SA) that removed the “hard coding” of weather station location in the RMPs, and instead, committed to maintaining and publishing a separate register of weather station locations in a guide.

The changes described in this Proposed Procedure Change (PPC) effectively leverages the changes made to the RMP (SA) and (largely) apply the same RMP changes to the Victoria and NSW/ACT RMPs. The amendments involve removing specific weather observation station locations and adding a new clause that places an obligation on AEMO to maintain and publish on its website a register of weather observation station locations.

AEMO has completed an impact assessment of removing the “hard coding” of weather station location in the respective Victorian and NSW/ACT RMPs. A summary of AEMO’s findings and changes to AEMO’s IT systems and procedures are described in the Proposed Procedure Change (PPC). 

Submissions for this stage of consultation close on 7 August 2020. Please send your submissions through the PPC response template to

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