Gas Load Curtailment and Gas Rationing and Recovery Guidelines Consultation

Market Declared Wholesale Gas Market
StageDraft Report
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close01/06/2022

AEMO intends to update the Gas Load Curtailment, Gas Rationing and Recovery Guidelines which is made under section 53 of the National Gas (Victoria) Act 2008 and that forms a component of the Gas Emergency Protocol.

The Guidelines are to be updated in response to:

  • the AMDQ regime rule change that becomes effective on 1 January 2023;
  • opportunities for improvement identified following industry feedback; and
  • hanging demand and supply characteristics, including increasing risks of supply shortfalls identified in the 2022 Victorian Gas Planning Report Update.

AEMO have made the proposed Guidelines available, and will provide 20 business days for stakeholders to provide submissions to those Guidelines. Submissions should include consideration of if the Guidelines adequately:

  • set out the customers or classes of customers to be curtailed;
  • describe the matters or things to be taken into account in determining who will be curtailed and the order of their curtailment;
  • set out the order of restoration of supply of gas and the basis on which it will be administered;
  • provide for how gas curtailment, rationing and recovery will be managed and by whom;
  • provide for any other matter relating to curtailment, rationing and recovery;
  • account for the social and economic needs of the Victorian community; and
  • define a process which can be complied with by Registered participants and which will support implementation and administration of curtailment, rationing and recovery within Declared systems.

Stakeholders should also consider the suitability of the Wholesale Market Administration Procedures (Victoria), defined Declaration of commencement of administrated price period for Material curtailment. AEMO propose to update this definition as follows:

AEMO will declare an administered price period from the effective time of a Curtailment Direction that AEMO determines will affect a material part of the declared transmission system, not being a direction that affects:

  • only a localised area; or only Customers in tables 1A and 1B in the Gas Load Curtailment and Recovery Guidelines under the gas emergency protocol (section 56 of the National Gas (Victoria) Act 2008).

Submissions must be provided by no later than the 5pm AEST on 1 June 2022 and be made to with “Curtailment Guidelines” in the email title.

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