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19 December 2013

Where the technical limits of a distribution system will be exceeded and the rectification options are likely to exceed $10M, Ergon Energy is required under the National Electricity Rules s5.6.2(f) to consult with affected Registered Participants, AEMO and Interested Parties within the time required for corrective action and meet certain requirements, including undertaking analysis that satisfies the AER’s Regulatory Test, in selection of an appropriate solution.

Ergon Energy Corporation Limited (Ergon Energy) is responsible (under its Distribution Authority) for electricity supply to the Gracemere area in Central Queensland. We have identified emerging limitations in the electricity distribution network supplying the Gracemere area. The loads on Ergon Energy’s zone substation and 11kV network in the Gracemere area have progressively increased such that augmentation is required if reliable supply is to be maintained.

In order to manage the load at risk and maintain security of supply for the Gracemere area Ergon Energy needs an additional minimum of 15 MVA firm capacity at 11kV to be provided to this area. This size has been matched to expected load requirements within Ergon Energy’s typical 10 year planning horizon.

In order to ensure that supply to customers in the Gracemere area complies with Ergon Energy’s security of supply criteria, initial corrective action will be required to be completed prior to the summer of 2016/17. A decision about the selected option is required by 25 August 2014 if any option involving significant construction is to be completed by 1 September 2016.

This is a Request for Information where Ergon Energy is seeking information about possible solutions to the emerging limitations which may be able to be provided by parties other than Ergon Energy.

Submissions in writing (electronic preferably) are due by 20 February 2014 and should be lodged to:

Gracemere RFI 19 Dec 2013 | filesize: 330 KB (.pdf)

Submissions in writing are due by 20 February 2014 and should be lodged to:

Attention: Network Strategy and Planning


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