Ergon Energy Corporation Limited Regulatory Test Consultation - Final Recommendation report - Stanthorpe

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StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NSP
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Submissions close16/06/2014

12 September 2014

Where the technical limits of a distribution system will be exceeded and the rectification options are likely to exceed $10M, Ergon Energy is required under the National Electricity Rules s5.6.2(f) to consult with affected Registered Participants, AEMO and Interested Parties within the time required for corrective action and meet certain requirements, including undertaking analysis that satisfies the AER’s Regulatory Test, in selection of an appropriate solution.

Ergon Energy Corporation Limited (Ergon Energy) is responsible (under its Distribution Authority) for electricity supply to the Stanthorpe area in southern Queensland. 

Ergon previously identified limitations in the electricity distribution network supplying the Stanthorpe area. These limitations were identified based on previous projected load growth and the security criteria that Ergon was applying at that time.

Four feasible solutions to the network constraint have been identified:

  • Option 1 Network Solution – Install Capacitor Bank
  • Option 2 External Party A – Load Curtailment & Customer Generation
  • Option 3 External Party B – 4.4MW of Diesel Generation
  • Option 4 External Party C – 4.8MW of Diesel Generation

In accordance with the requirements of the National Electricity Rules (NER), this is now a Final Report which includes Ergon Energy assessment of all identified options and details of the actions recommended to be taken.

Stanthorpe Area Final Report
15 September 2014 | filesize: 645 KB (.pdf)
Stanthorpe Consultation and Draft Recommendation
08 May 2014 | filesize: 269 KB (.pdf)

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