Energy Conversion Model (ECM) Guidelines Consultation – Wind and Solar Farms

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close04/11/2016

December 2018 Update - Please note, the ECM Guidelines have since been updated following the 2018 Abridged ECM Guidelines Consultation. The most recent ECM Guidelines can be located here.

AEMO is conducting a consultation on an amendment to the Energy Conversion Model (ECM) Guidelines.

The Energy Conversion Model (ECM) for:

  • Wind forecasting outlines the data required to develop forecasting modules for wind farms in the Australian Wind Energy Forecasting System (AWEFS).
  • Solar forecasting outlines the data required to develop forecasting modules for solar farms in the Australian Solar Energy Forecasting System (ASEFS).

The ECM identifies the energy output that can be expected from a farm based on ambient conditions at the farm’s location. As part of the Registration process, all new farms connecting to the National Electricity Market (NEM) are required to submit an ECM. The model must contain the information set out in the guidelines published by AEMO in accordance with clause 2.2.7(d) of the National Electricity Rules (NER).

The objective of this consultation is to propose a change that will add a new SCADA signal to handle local limits in a dispatch timeframe. This will allow limits to be managed during periods of outages and other local limitations.

Final Report and Determination

For the current Energy Conversion Model Guidelines for Wind and Solar please view the Solar and Wind energy forecasting page on AEMOs website.

Update – 29 September 2016

AEMO advises participants that the Energy Conversion Model Guidelines Consultation will be extended to include a third round of consultation, to allow for proposing an additional AWEFS signal to be defined.

This decision is based on substantial feedback in submissions to stage 2 of the consultation. Feedback included that some participants would like to provide a signal to incorporate all factors affecting wind farm operation, including wind speed, extreme wind direction change and dynamic effects of turbine pausing and feathering.

In addition, the Second Stage Report will now be published on 14 October 2016 (originally 7 October 2016) to allow for incorporating the complexity of issues raised in the second stage submissions and discussions.

Revised consultation timeline as at 29 September 2016:
 Process   Date   Status 
 Pre-Consultation Forum  23 February 2016  Complete
 First Stage  
 Draft Issues Paper and Notice of Consultation  18 March 2016  Complete
 Submissions Close  27 May 2016  Complete
 Second Stage    
 Draft Report and Notice of Consultation  02 August 2016  Complete
 Submissions Close  25 August 2016  Complete
 Third Stage    
 Second Draft Report  14 October 2016  Complete
 Submissions Close  04 November 2016  Complete
 Final Report and ECM Guidelines  09 December 2016  Complete

Third stage consultation

Stage 3 Submissions

Second stage consultation

Stage 2 Submissions
Meeting Minutes:

First stage consultation

Energy Conversion Model (ECM) Guidelines pre-consultation meeting 23 Feb 2016 
18 March 2016 | 40.1 KB (.pdf)
Energy Conversion Model Guidelines Consultation - 2016 Issues Paper 
18 March 2016 | 210 KB (.pdf)
Notice of First Stage of Rules Consultation on amendments to The Energy Conversion Model Guidelines 2016
18 March 2016 | 163 KB (.pdf)
Stage 1 Submissions
Meeting Minutes:

Any queries on this consultation, please contact Craig Price (Group Manager, Forecasting)

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