Emergency Procedures (Gas) Consultation

Market Declared Wholesale Gas Market
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?No

AEMO intend to update the Emergency Procedures (Gas) which is made under the National Gas (Victoria) Act 2008 (the Act), section 53. The Procedures are a component of the Gas Emergency Protocol (Protocol) which has three parts:

  • Emergency Procedures (Gas) (Procedures);
  • Gas Load Curtailment and Gas Rationing and Recovery Guidelines (Guidelines); and
  • Curtailment List.

AEMO must consult with Registered participants in making the Protocol under the Act, section 53, and Registered participants must comply with a Protocol published by AEMO under the Act, section 55.

AEMO propose to update the Procedures to:

  • align with the proposed Guidelines as detailed in the industry consultation process conducted between April and June 2022, and that are intended to become effective from January 2023;
  • improve clarity of the Procedures scope;
  • distinguish between a response to a threat and a response to an emergency; and
  • enhance detail on the responsibilities and communication flow between organisations.

AEMO have posted a draft of the proposed Procedures, and will provide 30 business days for stakeholders to provide submissions to those Procedures. Submissions should include consideration of if the Procedures adequately:

  • classify gas emergencies into categories having regard to their scale, effect, or any other relevant matter or circumstance;
  • describe the actions to be taken by AEMO, Energy Safe Victoria, Registered participants, and any other relevant party for each category of gas emergency;
  • provides for how gas emergencies are to be managed and by whom; and
  • provides for any other matter relating to a gas emergency.

Submissions must be provided by no later than the 5pm AEST on 31 August 2022 and be made to GWCF_Correspondence@aemo.com.au with “Emergency Procedures (Gas) ” in the email title.

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