Project Specification Consultation Report (PSCR)

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ConvenorAEMO NSP
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Submissions close04/11/2016

ElectraNet has identified potential network adequacy and security limitations resulting from the withdrawal of Northern Power Station. The limitations include:

  • Potentially insufficient reactive power reserve margin under some operating conditions
  • Risk of voltage collapse following an unplanned 275 kV line outage under reasonably foreseeable operating conditions
  • Potential overvoltage on South Australia’s 275 kV network for the unplanned loss of the 275 kV customer demand drawn from Davenport under some operation conditions.

Reliability corrective action is required to provide improved voltage control in the northern South Australia region, to ensure that voltage levels can be adequately controlled without a need to shed load for reasonably foreseeable conditions.

This Project Specification Consultation Report (PSCR) has been prepared by ElectraNet as part of the process prescribed under the National Electricity Rules (NER) for the approval of proposed shared network augmentations. It represents the first stage of the consultation process in relation to the application of the Regulatory Investment Test – Transmission (RIT-T).

ElectraNet has identified five credible options in the PSCR in accordance with RIT-T requirements:

  • Install two ±50 to ±100 Mvar SVCs at Davenport
  • Install two ±50 to ±100 Mvar STATCOMs at Davenport
  • Install small modular STATCOMs and switched capacitors at Davenport
  • Install new synchronous condensers at Davenport
  • Convert the existing Northern Power Station generators to synchronous condensers.

ElectraNet remains open to the consideration of additional solutions that ensure the emerging identified need for improved voltage control in the northern South Australia region will be met. The PSCR details the credible network options considered and the technical requirements for non-network options to address the identified need.

ElectraNet welcomes submissions from registered electricity market participants and interested parties on the PSCR, which is available for download from

If ElectraNet considers that submissions received during the consultation period identify additional credible options, full consideration will be given to all additional credible options in the Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR).

Submissions close on 4 November 2016 and can be emailed to Hugo Klingenberg, Senior Manager Network Development, at

Please address correspondence to:

Hugo Klingenberg
Senior Manager Network Development
PO Box 7096
Hutt Street Post Office
Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
Tel: (08) 8404 7991

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