Electranet PACR Eyre Peninsula Electricity Supply Options RIT-T

Market Network Service Provider
StageProject Assessment Conclusions Report
ConvenorAEMO NSP
Accepting submissions?No

ElectraNet has published a Project Assessment Conclusions Report (PACR) for the Eyre Peninsula Electricity Supply Options Regulatory Investment Test for Transmission (RIT-T), which is the final step in the Regulatory Investment Test for Transmission (RIT-T) process, as required by the National Electricity Rules clause 5.16.

ElectraNet has explored options for providing a reliable electricity supply to the Eyre Peninsula most efficiently in the future, including ‘future proofing’ to accommodate potential investments in mining and renewable energy.

The existing single-circuit 132 kV line serving the Eyre Peninsula has been in service since 1967 and several sections now require replacement works.

In April 2018, the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) accepted our revenue proposal that included capital expenditure of about $80 million for these replacement works, and ongoing network support to provide backup supply to Port Lincoln. The AER’s acceptance of our revenue proposal noted that this RIT-T investigation was on-going, and included a contingent project that would allow the determination to be varied if a more efficient option was identified.

The RIT-T investigated whether there are more efficient supply options, including building new transmission lines. It also considered the benefits of ‘future proofing’ the new transmission line options to provide flexibility for upgrading the network to operate at a higher capacity if needed at a later date.

The preferred option includes a new double-circuit line from Cultana to Yadnarie that is initially energised at 132 kV but which has the option to be energised at 275 kV in the future, with a new 132 kV double-circuit line from Yadnarie to Port Lincoln.

The PACR is available for download at www.electranet.com.au

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