B2B Procedure Changes – Final Report and Determination

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No

Notice of  Final Report and Determination

Date of Notice: 23 July 2018

This notice informs all Registered Participants and interested parties (Consulted Persons) that AEMO has completed a consultation on B2B Procedures on behalf of the Information Exchange Committee (IEC) which were developed and amended as a result of the National Electricity Amendment (strengthening protections for customers requiring life support).

The IEC’s final determination is to make the Procedures published on AEMO’s website on the 23 July 2018.

In accordance with the amending rule these procedures will commence on the 1 February 2019.

Final Determination

Other Documents

For any queries on this final determination, please contact NEM.Retailprocedureconsultations@aemo.com.au


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