aseXML r43 Draft Schema

Market National Electricity Market
StageFirst Stage
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?Yes
Submissions close18/01/2023

Draft version of aseXML version r43 is now available for industry feedback prior to final publication. Version r43 is to support:

New aseXML schema elements to support the reporting via the C1 report to Industry of MSDR introduced enumerations configured in the following MSATS Codes tables: 


CDR Phase 2

New aseXML schema element to support the CATS NMI Standing Data column ‘Last Consumer Change Date’:

  • Addition of a new Change request that would include the column ‘Last Consumer Change Date’ to be maintained against the CATS NMI Data table within MSATS.
  • This field would be maintained by retailers when the consumer for an NMI changes, e.g. move-ins and used by AEMO to verify meter data requests for CDR.
  • The field can also be updated ad hoc where the retailer has verified the consumer's start date.


C1 reporting of MDM table Node Hierarchy to display the new Settlement Indicator column. 
New RM51 – Regulated SAPS Generator Reconciliation report
New aseXML schema element to support reporting via C1 of the SAPS added ‘Role Category’ column added to the CATS_PARTICPANT_ROLES table.

B2B v3.8

Creation of a new OWN Shared Fuse One Way Notification transaction type, supporting enumerated values.

Submissions of feedback on the changes with this version close on Wednesday 18 January 2023.

The final version is subject to feedback received and final testing outcomes.

Feedback submission should be directed to

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