Amendment to the Energy Conversion Model Guidelines (‘the ECM Guidelines’)

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close10/05/2013


AEMO has completed its consultation on the Amendment to the Energy Conversion Model Guidelines (‘the ECM guidelines’) under clause 8.9 of the Rules and published a final report and determination.


The ECM Guidelines outline the data required to develop forecasting modules for wind generators in the Australian Wind Energy Forecasting System, the real time data requirements to produce wind generation forecasts, ECM submission timelines and guidelines for wind turbine aggregation to turbine clusters. Investigation of the causes of a scheduling error in NEM highlighted the requirement to amend the ECM Guidelines.

On 21 March 2013 AEMO published the draft determination of a Rules consultation to amend and publish the ECM Guidelines in accordance with clause 2.2.7(d) of the Rules, in order to address the issues described in the issues paper. These Guidelines are only applicable for semi-scheduled generators.

No material issues were raised by the Consulted Persons.

Final Determination

AEMO determines the ECM guidelines in the format of Schedule A: Proposed Amended Energy Conversion Model Guidelines, February 2013 in accordance with clause 2.2.7(d) of the Rules. 

Amendment to the ECM Guidelines - Final Determination and Report
06 Jun 2013 | filesize: 600 kb (.pdf)
ECM Guideline - Second Stage of Rules Consultation
21 Mar 2013 | filesize: 131 kb (.pdf)
Energy Conversion Model Guidelines Consultation - Issues Paper
08 Feb 2013 | filesize: 170 kb (.pdf)
Energy Conversion Model Guidelines June 2013
27 Mar 2014 | filesize: 84 kb (.xls)
ECM Guideline - First Stage of Rules Consultation
08 Feb 2013 | filesize: 77 kb (.pdf)

 *Please note, the ECM Guidelines have since been updated following a 2016 ECM Guidelines Consultation and can be located here.

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