Amendment to DWGM LNG Reserve Procedures

Market Declared Wholesale Gas Market
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?Yes
Submissions close30/06/2023

AEMO is implementing this Procedure change to amend the LNG stock transfer process. AEMO considers that the process, as currently drafted, provides a relatively limited timeframe for market participants to accept an LNG stock offer and for AEMO to receive payment. The intent of the process was to allow sufficient time for Market Participants to purchase the LNG stock instead of AEMO injecting the LNG stock into the market.

To ensure Market Participant have sufficient time to purchase LNG stock, AEMO considers that amending the Procedure is urgently required to AEMO considers this rule change is urgently required ensure the proper operation of a regulated gas market.

Stage Date
 Impact and Implementation Report (IIR)  01 June 2023
 IIR Consultation Submissions due  30 June 2023
Notice of Decision  7 July 2023
 Effective Date of Procedure  28 July 2023

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