Power System Frequency Risk Review Consultation

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No

Matter Under Consultation

At present, the 2020 PSFRR consultation process has been completed.

The Power System Frequency Risk Review (PSFRR) is an integrated, periodic review of major power system frequency risks associated with non-credible contingency events in the National Electricity Market (NEM). 

In accordance with Clause 5.20A.1 of the National Electricity Rules (NER), AEMO is undertaking a PSFRR for the NEM, considering:

  • Non-credible contingency events which AEMO expects could involve uncontrolled frequency changes leading to cascading outages or major supply disruption.
  • Current arrangements for managing such non-credible contingency events, including the performance of existing emergency frequency control schemes (EFCSs).
  • Options for future management of such events.

AEMO is developing the 2020 PSFRR in a staged approach to ensure it appropriately identifies and addresses key operational risks within the scope of the review. The stage 1 and stage 2 PSFRR reports have been developed after initial consultation with transmission network service providers (TNSPs) and includes:  

  • The status of actions recommended in the 2018 review
  • Changes to the power system that occurred since the 2018 review, including levels of inertia, maximum/minimum demand, interconnector flow patterns and changes to the generation mix.
  • High priority recommendations for non-credible contingency events that could result in the separation of South Australia from the rest of the NEM power system
  • Analysis of prioritised non-credible contingency events and associated management arrangements
  • Preliminary assessment of the performance of existing emergency frequency control schemes (EFCSs) for management of potential frequency risks in the next two years
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