2015 Congestion Information Resource Guidelines Consultation

Market National Electricity Market
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close26/08/2015

The Congestion Information Resource (CIR) provides information, in a cost effective manner, to National Electricity Market (NEM) participants that enables an understanding of network congestion patterns and projections of market outcomes in the presence of network congestion.

In accordance with clause 3.7A of the National Electricity Rules (Rules) AEMO, in consultation with stakeholders, develops and publishes the CIR Guidelines. This consultation is performed on an annual basis.

This consultation is being conducted under clause 3.7A of the Rules in accordance with the Rules consultation requirements detailed in clause 8.9 of the Rules to ensure that the CIR and CIR Guidelines are continually developed to match stakeholder needs.

Any queries should be directed to Magnus Hindsberger at magnus.hindsberger@aemo.com.au.

Final stage consultation

2nd stage consultation

1st stage consultation

Addendum to 1st stage notice:

Cessation of the Quarterly Mis-pricing Reporting

AEMO has reconsidered the need to publish the quarterly mis-pricing report as noted during the Congestion Information Resource consultation in 2013.

The quarterly mis-pricing reports contain information derived from mis-pricing data and is published quarterly on AEMO’s website. AEMO has confirmed that the number of requests made to view these reports is at a low level and will discontinue publishing the quarterly mis-pricing report from July 2015.

Interested participants can locate mis-pricing data at the transmission network nodes as required by clause 3.7A(b)(2) of the National Electricity Rules in the dispatch_local_price table in the MMS data model.

For more information or queries on the cessation of publication of the quarterly mis-pricing report, please contact Nathan White on nathan.white@aemo.com.au.

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