A day in the life of...a Business Analyst


Sean Dykman

Business Analyst, Melbourne

We know we’re only as good as the talent we hire, which is why we’re shining the spotlight on some of our brightest minds from across the business, including Business Analyst, Sean Dykman.

We are proud to have talent like Sean as part of the AEMO team.

What does a typical day as a Business Analyst look like?

In my role at AEMO, I work across many different projects. My typical day is focussed around project delivery which can vary from day to day, but will usually begin with a project stand-up meeting where we review our Jira backlog of work and ensure that we progress our work as a team, make any plans for the day and discuss any blockers to ensure the project work is being delivered on time. Being a Business Analyst means that I’m always collaborating with customers to discuss requirements and design concepts and then feeding those into the development team. I would also be testing and reviewing what’s been delivered with the customer to produce an excellent outcome.

What has your experience at AEMO been so far?

I have worked at AEMO for around 8 years now, starting in the Graduate Development Program in 2014 which gave me the opportunity to rotate through various teams across the company and learn some broad aspects about how AEMO operates. Once completing the graduate program, I have taken the Business Analyst role and worked on many projects across a variety of areas in AEMO including Support Hub improvement, the Registration Program, Forecasting Program, and Digital strategy projects such as the customer data platform, Ways of Working, Data Program Implementing Boomi and Ataccama and, more recently, the SharePoint Transformation Project.

What is the best thing about working at AEMO?

I gain a lot from the flexibility available at AEMO, whether it is where and when I’m working or what projects I get involved with. Working with agile tools to the vast network of skilled and experience subject matter experts at AEMO. Mostly, I like when managers or product owners empower me with autonomy to just get the job done, while still being there to support and provide the high-level direction required. This gives me confidence to take on new challenges and build confidence in delivery.

What are you most looking forward to at AEMO?

There is definitely no shortage of work that AEMO needs to deliver to achieve its goal of engineering grids that can support 100% instantaneous penetration of renewables by 2025 – which is not that far away. This goal means there are a lot of exciting technology projects still to come, from back of house advancements right through to new front of house systems required to deliver this change. I consider myself a “generalist” so I look forward to what opportunities this might bring my way to learn new skills, new technologies and new ways of working.

What have you learned so far in your role?

My manager always says that it’s easy to poke holes and point out problems. This keeps me thinking about how we can solve problems or implement continuous improvement strategies to deliver rather than getting bogged down in the weeds and becoming part of the problem.

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