Reports and project updates

AEMO and TransGrid will publish a series of reports, including market modelling and supporting documentation, as part of this RIT-T process.

The Project Specification Consultation Report  (PSCR) is the first stage of the VNI West RIT-T project.

The PSCR seeks feedback and advice on the identified need for new transmission infrastructure and explores potential investment options to address this need.

AEMO and TransGrid invite written submissions on this PSCR from registered participants and interested parties.

Submissions are due on or before 13 March 2020 and should be emailed to

Following this consultation period, AEMO and TransGrid will publish the second report in this consultation process, the Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR), which will identify and assess the draft preferred investment option which delivers the greatest net market benefits. 

The PADR will also provide a summary of submissions received on the PSCR.

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