Work package 1: WDR Guidelines


The WDR Guidelines is a newly required document (NER clause 3.10.1), applying to AEMO and registered participants. The guidelines cover a range of new processes, requirements and methodologies that are necessary to implement the WDR mechanism. The initial WDR guidelines have now been completed and will come into effect on 24 June 2021.

The WDR Guidelines will include:

  • Requirements for classification & aggregation of WDRUs
  • Process for developing baseline methodologies, including new proposals
  • Process to apply baseline methodology and baseline settings to a WDRU
  • Process to change the maximum responsive component of a WDRU
  • Arrangements for providing details applicable to a WDRU (baseline methodology/settings, maximum responsive component)
  • Telemetry and communications equipment requirements
  • Methodology for regional non-SCADA telemetered thresholds

AEMO established the WDR Guidelines Technical Working Group (TWG) to enable effective dialogue between AEMO and stakeholders on matters relating to the development of the guidelines. This stakeholder engagement opportunity was additional to the consultation processes required under the rules consultation procedure (NER clause 8.9).

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