WDR system documentation updates

The WDR program is updating documentation to reflect the changes required to AEMO’s market-facing systems and procedures aligned with the Wholesale Demand Response rule. This documentation also supports market participants in making the required changes to their internal delivery programs in preparation for WDR commencement. 

The table shows the systems documentation that has been or will be updated for WDR for each functional area.

Area Document Early version released Stakeholder (WDR CG) comments due Updated version published
Wholesale – EMMS EMMS technical specification  Apr 2021 mid May 2021 4 June 2021
Data Interchange (DI) online help  Aug 2021 n/a Sep 2021
Portfolio Management System (new) Markets Portal online help (PMS updates) mid Aug 2021 late Aug 2021 mid Sep 2021
Retail – MSATS/eMDM MSATS technical specification  mid Jun 2021 early Jul 2021 23 Jul 2021
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