WDR Distribution Network Service Providers

This section assists distribution network service providers (DNSPs) in identifying the changes they need to make to implement WDR. It also provides links to the key information that supports the relevant changes.

The information provided by AEMO on WDR is general and may not be appropriate for any participant’s particular situation or market activities. Please also refer to AEMO’s privacy and legal notices.

  • At a high level, what are the WDR changes I need to make?

    To accommodate WDR, DNSPs will need to: 

    • Receive reports
    • Develop a process for assessing/endorsing WDRU aggregations initiated by Demand Response Service Providers (DRSPs)
    • Consider any system changes required to take in and use the new DRSP role.
  • What is the DNSP ‘endorsement’ process and how does it relate to WDR?

    When assessing an application to aggregate WDRUs for the purpose of central dispatch, AEMO must be satisfied that power system security will not be materially affected by the proposed aggregation. This may require assessment of system security effects in both the transmission and distribution systems, performed by AEMO and the relevant DNSP(s) respectively. The DNSP assessment forms part of the DNSP Endorsement process.

    In the circumstances set out in the WDR Guidelines, a DRSP will need to apply to the relevant DNSP(s) for endorsement of a proposed aggregation and provide the DNSP Endorsement to AEMO as part of its application to aggregate WDRUs. If the DRSP applied to the relevant DNSP(s) but has not received the outcome after 25 business days, it may submit its application to AEMO without the DNSP Endorsement.

  • What WDRU information can I see and in what timeframes?

    Different participant types have different levels of access to WDR data and information, as detailed in this document. Overall, DNSPs will be able to see WDR information related to: 

    • NMIs providing WDR
    • NMI metering data on network
    • Mapping of DUID: NMIs for TNIs of DNSP
    • Information on NMI-level MRC
  • How should we make these changes and when do we need make them?

    WDR commences on 24 October 2021, although DRSP registrations open on 24 June 2021. Therefore DNSPs should:

    • Prepare to Assess/endorse WDRU aggregations before June 2021
    • Make any necessary system changes to receive reports or use the new DRSP role by 24 October 2021.
  • Which AEMO procedures/ rules that are relevant to me have changed?

    The WDR program is updating documentation to reflect the changes required to AEMO’s market-facing systems and procedures aligned with the Wholesale Demand Response rule. This documentation also supports market participants in making the required changes to their internal delivery programs in preparation for WDR commencement.

  • Which AEMO systems that are relevant to me will change?

    AEMO is making changes to its market systems to implement the WDR rule. DNSPs should be aware of changes to AEMO’s Retail systems to accommodate the new DRSP role. 

  • How and when do we test the changes?

    The Industry Testing phase of WDR will provide the opportunity for DNSPs to receive and validate data for NMIs with the newly created participant role as well as receive reports.

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