Program management

AEMO has been tasked with updating market procedures, updating market systems, and facilitating a transition to the new Five-Minute Settlement (5MS) and Global Settlement (GS) arrangements on 1 October 2021 and 1 May 2022, respectively. In order to achieve this, AEMO is developing a work plan that details the key activities it will undertake with industry, including the major tasks, deliverables and timeframes to successfully implement 5MS and GS rule changes.

Industry program management

Coordination between AEMO’s program and the program management within each participant's business will ensure that activities are planned effectively, and risks and issues are identified and managed in a timely manner.

To support this, AEMO has established two program-level forums with the industry:

  • Program Consultative Forum (PCF) – this is the primary program coordination and communication channel between AEMO and industry program teams.
  • Executive Forum (EF) – this forum provides the appropriate level of executive oversight and escalation of issues and concerns.

Program actions log

The 5MS Program Action Log captures the actions that come out of the 5MS Working Groups. It is frequently refreshed to provide stakeholders with the current status of actions.

5MS Program document tracker

The 5MS Program Document Tracker provides the current status of the documents relevant to the 5MS Program including key Readiness documents and Systems documents. This tracker does not track the current status of the procedures relevant to the 5MS and Global Settlements rule changes. For more information on procedures please see the Procedures Workstream webpages.

5MS Functionality Deployment Matrix

For further information

Please direct any queries regarding Five-Minute Settlement (5MS) to

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