AEMO Pre-Production Environment

AEMO has pre-production and production environments that are maintained separately. New features are added to the pre-production environment and announced in change notices and technical specifications, before being released into a ‘live’ production environment.

The pre-production environment is intended for participant testing and training purposes. Three types of participant testing were identified:

  • 1. Industry testing

    Self-testing of functionality such as connectivity, and/or coordinated multiparty testing of functional scenarios.

  • 2. Invitation to industry testing

    Coordinated testing of business process scenarios with a select number or subset of participants with systems ready for testing.

  • 3. Market trials

    Coordinated multi-party end-to-end testing of business process scenarios.

Industry testing

  • 5MS Retail
  • 5MS Settlements release
  • 5MS Bidding service release

5MS Retail capabilities were released into the pre-production environment at approx. 5pm on 14 April, ahead of the planned 19 April schedule. This release marks the formal start of the Retail industry test phase.

This phase allows participants to test their internal systems with AEMO’s new Retail solution.

The key changes released into pre-production, reflect the functionality that will go-live on 31 May 2021 (30-min settlement with 5-min reads supported).

For further details, refer to the MSATS technical specification for 46.98 document or refer to the Retail pre-production FAQ guide link at the bottom of this page.

The 5MS Program will release 5MS Settlement platform changes into AEMO’s pre-production environment on Monday 22 March 2021. This allows participants to use the pre-production environment to carry out their own tests (including B2B testing).

For further details about this release, refer to the Settlements FAQ guide link at the bottom of this page.

The 5MS Program released 5MS Dispatch and Bidding changes into AEMO’s pre-production environment on Monday 30 November 2020. This allows participants to use the pre-production environment to carry out their own tests (including B2B testing). 

Access to pre-production is available via the following URLs/protocols, using the same log-in details set up by the participant’s MSATS Administrator as at 1 October 2019. The naming conventions are consistent with Production environments.



*Please Note:  Before using APIs or FTPs, participants need to arrange a certificate by contacting AEMO Support Hub.

For details about the API certificate, please contact AEMO support Hub.


One FTP account can be assigned per participant ID. To set up your 5MS FTP access, please contact the AEMO Support Hub to set up (or change) your username and password.

  • Phone: 1300 236 600


For further information on how to connect to the AEMO pre-production environment refer to the Participant IT interfaces page.

This same environment will be used at a later date for 5MS and GS Market Trials.

Market trial

The market trials will be coordinated by AEMO and the plan will be developed in consultation with the ITWG. The approach to market trials is outlined in the Industry Testing and Market Trials Strategy. Market trials will take place in AEMO’s pre-production environment.

  Plan development with participants Plan finalisation Market Trial
5MS Market Trial Feb 2020 May 2020 Jul 2021
GS Market Trial Sep 2021 Dec 2021 Feb 2022
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