Implementation bodies

Implementation of CDR in the energy sector

To facilitate CDR implementation in the energy sector, an ambitious program has commenced with various stakeholders in government, industry and community circles, including the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Federal Government (Treasury), the Consumer Data Standard Body (DSB, part of CSIRO’s Data61), the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and energy consumer groups.

A number of steps have to be taken to establish the regulatory framework for CDR energy before the AEMO gateway and CDR can become operational in the energy sector including:

  • the designation of the energy sector by the Treasurer via a legislative instrument
  • the development of energy specific consumer data right rules by the (ACCC)
  • the establishment of data standards by the CDSB.

The first of these steps, the designation of the energy sector is complete.  The Treasurer designated the energy sector as subject to the CDR on 26 June 2020 following a consultation process.  The Designation Instrument turns on the Consumer Data Right and designates the datasets that will be made available through the CDR.  

The next two steps, the development and consultation on the consumer data rules which will set out the wider framework for CDR, including AEMO’s gateway role, and the development and consultation on data standards have now commenced and are expected to be completed by mid-2021. 

AEMO’s role

Although the CDR regulatory framework and data standards haven’t been finalised yet, work is already underway to design and develop a single access Gateway for consumers to easily and securely access their energy data. 

AEMO is working with accredited energy data recipients (such as comparison websites) to develop the gateway model functionality. AEMO has also commissioned research to understand:

  • what consumers would value from the CDR
  • how the implementation model should respond to consumer’s needs
  • how the CDR can facilitate innovation

The input from accredited data recipients and our consumer research will inform AEMO’s approach to designing, building and testing the gateway. 

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