2021 Gas Retail Business-to-Business (B2B) system Changes

Through 2020, AEMO consulted on a number of changes to gas retail market system changes that are to become effective on 29 November 2021. These changes affect a number of transactions in all AEMO-administered gas retail markets and they will require a schema change to aseXML schema version r40.

The purpose of this web page is to provide a centralised page where participants can find information regarding the technical requirements for the changes.

Listed below are the pages for the gas retail market consultations that generated these changes:

On 28 January 2021, AEMO presented an information session regarding what their next steps should be in preparing for the system change. These slides can be found below:

Cutover Implementation Plan

Throughout the second half of 2021, AEMO, the IT Development Forum (ITDF), and the Gas Retail Consultative Forum (GRCF) jointly developed an industry cutover implementation plan to describe the cutover activities that industry will undertake. This plan can be found here:

Technical requirements

The functional specification for the exchange of information between participants for the 2021 gas retail B2B system changes are described in the Technical Protocols (TP) for each jurisdiction. The TP documents operating in Victoria, Queensland and NSW/ACT are called Gas Industry Protocol (GIP) and the TP documents operating in South Australia and West Australia are called the Specification Pack (SP). The GIP and the SP documents contain several artefacts (i.e. further technical documents to which they refer), which set out the manner in which transactions are to be used between Participants.

The artefacts below contain the marked-up changes that underpin the B2B system changes (there are no B2M changes). The changes to these artefacts and the r40 version of the aseXML schema are both scheduled to come into effect on Monday 29 November 2021.

The link below is a zip file that contains the marked up technical procedures pertaining to the GIP and SP. The marked up changes show all the changes for the 2021 gas retail business to business (B2B) system changes program of work.

The link below is a document that contains a list of document errors overlooked during the Q4 2021 Gas Retail B2B system changes consultations. The items on this list have previously been reviewed and agreed by the GRCF. Participants have built their systems and process, so they align with the proposed changes mentioned in this document. These changes are therefore documentation changes only and will form part of a consultation in 2022.

aseXML schema version r40

As noted in the GIP and SP the version of the aseXML schema will change. Like the TP changes the R40 aseXML schema version is also scheduled to come into effect on Monday 29 November 2021.

Further details on the aseXML schema including the r40 aseXML version can be found here.

Schema manifest

To assist participants in implementing the above technical changes, AEMO has prepared a schema manifest document that summarises each schema release from r13 (the current WA aseXML schema version) to r40 (the schema version to be implemented) and, where possible, identifies changes that may have impacts on existing gas transactions. It is a guideline only: schema release notes should take precedence.

Key milestones

AEMO and all participants that interface with the FRC Hub will need to complete a recertification process.

Click here for details about recertification process and obligation for Vic, QLD, SA and NSW/ACT.

Click here for details about recertification process and obligation for WA.

  • Recertification window to open on 12 May 2021.
  • AEMO and Participants to complete recertification by 24 September 2021.
    (Note - A precondition to recertification is that AEMO and Participants will have implemented their back-office retail market system changes (e.g. new JECs, new B2B transactions, etc.) to pre-production environments and will have successfully completed their own internal User Acceptance Testing (UAT))
  • Industry cutover plans finalised by 17 September 2021.
  • Cutover activities commence on Friday 26 November 2021.
  • All changes implemented and operational on Monday 29 November 2021.
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