Register as a participant for the GBB

This page provides an overview of the processes and tasks required to register a participant for the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB).

Registration documents

These are the documents needed for registration.

Fees and charges

Participants must pay a fee to register; these are outlined in the latest gas markets fee schedule.

Supporting documents

Allocation Agents must provide must complete and submit the GBB allocation point register, and the GBB allocation methodology and agreement form, with their application.

Gas Bulletin Board allocation point register

The Gas Bulletin Board allocation point register is used to identify who determines the allocation of deliveries or receipts of natural gas among users for an allocation point. AEMO must keep a register of GBB allocation points for which the Allocation Agent is the GBB reporting entity.

Gas Bulletin Board allocation methodology and agreement

The Allocation Methodology and Agreement form is used to describe the allocation methodology, allocation agreement and related information for al allocation points for a Part 24 Facility, and, as defined in Part 19, the system injection point and system withdrawal point for which an allocation agent is appointed. Only applicants registering as an Allocation Agent need to complete this form.

Trustee deed

Where the Applicant is acting in a trustee capacity, they must complete and return the following Trustee Deed form. No changes can be made to the Trustee Deed other than the completion of details where highlighted.

When completing the form, a number of fields will update automatically when printed. To update the fields without printing, please press <Ctrl> + ‘P’ to simulate printing, then press <Esc> to return to the document without printing.

The registration process

  1. Prepare application

    Complete the registration application form and any required supporting documents.

  2. Submit application

    Email your completed application, including all attachments, to:

  3. Pay fees

    On receipt of your application, AEMO will send an invoice for the payment of your registration fees by EFT.

  4. AEMO reviews application

    AEMO reviews the application and responds to you within five business days of receipt of the application.

    AEMO may request additional information or clarification of the information contained in your application. If a request is made, you must supply the additional information or clarification within five business days of the request.

  5. AEMO assessment and determination

    Once AEMO receives a complete application and the additional information, AEMO must approve the registration.

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