Embedded Network Guidelines

The purpose of this Guideline is to assist

  • registered market participants;
  • non-registered networks; and
  • other parties

to understand the principles and processes involved in market operations involving embedded networks.

This Guideline covers

  • establishing brownfields and greenfields embedded networks in MSATS;
  • managing choice of retailer for consumers who are eligible to choose their own retailer; and
  • operational aspects of establishment and providing ongoing services to  embedded networks including;
    - meter provision
    - meter data services.

This Guideline deals with the

  • market roles, obligations and responsibilities of registered participants that derive from the Rules, the Metrology Procedure and MSATS;
  • roles and required actions required of participants outside those currently obliged under the regulatory documents; and
  • roles and required actions required of non registered participants principally the ENO.

Please submit any comment to Roy Kaplan, Manager Metrology Regulation, at roy.kaplan@aemo.com.au.


Embedded Network Guidelines
17 Nov 2009 | filename: 0640-0012.pdf