Archive of previous SASDO reports

The South Australian Supply and Demand Outlook  (SASDO) is a report prepared by AEMO about the current state and future development of South Australian electricity supplies. The SASDO provides information about:

  • Forecast and historical  generation and electrical energy and maximum demand
  • Future electricity supply options and an assessment of future generation fuel availability

The SASDO and ElectraNet’s Annual Planning Report are complementary documents. Together they comprise the information required under Section 5.6.2A of the National Electricity Rules.

AEMO advises that an error in table 2-8 and the corresponding figure 2-14 has been amended since initial web-publication on the 29th June, and apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused.

ESIPC Annual Planning Report (superseded by the SASDO and ElectraNet APR)

1 This version of the 2010 VAPR Update (20 Dec 2010) supersedes that published on the 29 Nov 2010, and contains amendments to tables on pages 22-24, 66 & 67, which had omitted data. AEMO apologises for any inconvenience this has caused.