Planning Assumptions

The assumptions and inputs used for AEMO’s National Transmission Network Development Plan (NTNDP), Electricity Statement of Opportunities (ESOO), Victorian Annual Planning Report (VAPR) and South Australian Advisory Function reports are provided below.

These inputs constitute the NTNDP Database in accordance with clause 5.20.4 of the National Electricity Rules.

Revised versions of the assumptions and inputs will be published as new information becomes available.

NTNDP Database

Report Date Available
2015 Plexos LT model 12 Nov 2015 The Plexos LT database used for the modelling of 2015 NTNDP modelling.
2015 NTNDP Traces 12 Nov 2015 This folder includes the wind and PV generation traces, together with the regional demand traces used in the 2015 NTNDP modelling.
2015 Demand Trace Development 12 Nov 2015 This document provides an overview of the methodology used to develop demand traces for AEMO’s planning studies.
Capacity Expansion Model 28 Nov 2014 This document describes AEMO’s modelling methodology for generation expansion and retirements for planning studies.
Additional Modelling Data 12 Nov 2015 This file presents tables of input data for the 2014 planning studies. The additional data includes, carbon price, LRET, Green Power, DSP, Hydro storage water values, interconnector capability, proportioning factors for interconnector losses, and augmentation options.
National Electricity Forecast Report 18 Jun 2015 The NEFR provides AEMO’s independent electricity consumption forecasts, developed on a consistent basis over the next 10 years for the five National Electricity Market (NEM) regions, namely New South Wales (including ACT), Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria.
Emerging Technologies Information Paper
26 Jun 2015
This paper forecasts potential impacts of battery storage, electric vehicles and fuel switching among consumers in the residential sector in the NEM, over a 20 year outlook.
2014 Modelling Methodology and Assumptions
30 Jan 2014 This document provides an overview of the assumptions employed for the AEMO’s 2014 planning reports, including NTNDP, ESOO,GSOO, VAPR and VAGR. For details on the 2015 NTNDP methodology and assumptions, please see Appendix A of the 2015 NTNDP main report.
Emission Intensity Values 23 May 2014 The emissions intensity data, combustion and fugitive emission factors and generator thermal efficiency for scheduled and non-scheduled generators - reviewed and updated by ACIL Allen for AEMO.
Emissions Report 23 May 2014 This document provides methodology and results from ACIL Allen’s review of emissions data and compares current values with those derived from the CER data and new proposed values.
Fuel and Technology Cost Review – Report (ACIL Allen) 12 Jun 2014 This paper provides the key results and the approach and methodology for the fuel and technology cost review undertaken by ACIL Allen in 2014.
Fuel and Technology Cost Review – Data (ACIL Allen) 12 June 2014 This file presents tables of wholesale Gas and Coal fuel cost projections by ACIL Allen for AEMO’s NTNDP modelling.
Gas price consultancy databook (Core Energy) 12 Nov 2015 This file presents tables of results from the Gas price consultancy report above.
Large-scale PV costs (Bloomberg New Energy Finance) 12 Nov 2015 This file presents a table of projections for large-scale solar PV costs to 2040 used in the Gradual Evolution sensitivity and Rapid Transformation sensitivity in the 2015 NTNDP.