Heywood Interconnector RIT-T


RIT-T Complete

The Heywood Interconnector Upgrade RIT-T has been approved by the AER and is now complete.
On 5 April 2013, ElectraNet submitted an application to the AER seeking a determination that the preferred option satisfied the RIT-T, as per NER clause 5.16.6.

On 4 September 2013, the AER published its determination confirming this. AEMO published a Request for Tender in 2013 for the Victorian components, and the contract was awarded to SP AusNet in 2014.

The estimated commissioning date is mid–2016.


Project Assessment Conclusions Report (PACR)

South Australia - Victoria (Heywood) Interconnector Updgrade - RIT-T : Project Assesment Conclusions Report 
09 Jan 2013 | filesize: 2.2 mb (.pdf)
South Australia - Victoria (Heywood) Interconnector Updgrade - RIT-T : Project Assesment Conclusions Report : Appendix I
09 Jan 2013 | filesize: 1.8 mb (.xlsx)

Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR)

South Australia – Victoria (Heywood) Interconnector Upgrade -   RIT-T : Project Assessment Draft Report - Appendix E
14 Sep 2012 | 830 kb (xlsx)
Heywood RIT-T Constraints Preferred Option
11 Dec 2012 | 5.87 Mb (zip)
Final Expansion Plans By Zone and Region Final
11 Dec 2012 | 163 kb (xlsx)
Victoria – South Australia Interconnector Control Scheme Feasibility Study
14 Sep 2012 | 612 kb (pdf)
Heywood Interconnector Upgrade RIT-T PADR - Public Forum Presentation
04 Oct 2012 | 1.82 Mb (pdf)

Heywood RIT-T PADR submissions

International Power 
  Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy 
SP AusNet 
  Clean Energy Council



Project Specification Consultation Report

Project Specification Consultation Report
31 Oct 2011 | filename: 0170-0044.pdf
Heywood Interconnector upgrade RIT-T - Forum Presentation
28 Nov 2011 | filename: 0177-0003.pdf

Heywood RIT-T PSCR submissions


Late PSCR Submissions


Additional information

Additional information on DSM benefits resulting from the submissions process is included in the document below.

Potential DSM benefits – Victoria/South Australia Interconnection Upgrade
29 Mar 2012 | filename: 0170-0060.pdf